Bering Strait

The Bering Strait is the historical path used by animals and humans to inhabit the Americas. During the last centuries, the bridge was mostly used by the local tribes who were living on either side of the strait. During the second half of the century, the Cold War had made this area a ‘no-man’s land’.
Today, it is much less considered as a strategic military area. It is so difficult to reach that only a few expeditions to cross it have been made. And, no expedition, using a motorbike has ever been undertaken!

Eighty kilometers with a possible break in the middle on the small Diomede Island means that crossing the Strait is not the most difficult part of the journey. In summer, the sea can be as a calm as a lake but you will have to wait for the right time for the perfect conditions.

The blue track is my “plan A” (North to Uelen, then crossing). The white track is my “plan B” (South to Lavrentyia then crossing). It seems that I will get the authorization for plan B.