The Bering Strait is the historical path used by animals and humans to inhabit the Americas. During the last centuries, the bridge was mostly used by the local tribes who were living on either side of the strait. During the second half of the century, the Cold War had made this area a ‘no-man’s land’.
Today, it is much less considered as a strategic military area. It is so difficult to reach that only a few expeditions to cross it have been made. And, no expeditions, using a motorbike have ever been undertaken!

Finding the way!

From France, good roads will provide travel to Irkoustk, Ulan Ude, Chita or Vladivostok. But the Bering Strait is still far away from these easterly cities. Magadan can be reached by the “Road of Bones” via Yakoutsk. From there, you can reach the Kolyma River and then navigate the boat 1100km until you reach the northern part of Siberia. From here, another dirt road goes to the region of Chukotka – the location of the Bering Strait. This dirt road is often considered a winter road because of the numerous rivers to cross. These rivers can be passed easily when they are frozen but, passing them in summer is much more hazardous. However, by using the boat, they could be easily crossed – even when the water is deep. From there, you would ride to the Chukotka towns of Anadyr or Egvekinot. The Bering Strait is a few hundred kilometers from Egvekinot but there is no summer road. So, you would need to find your own way by coastal navigation, riding the bike, and by following rivers.

The blue tracks will be “on boat”. The orange is the “road of bones”. The geen is the unpaved winter road from Aniusk to Egvekinot. The pink is more or less off-road..