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10 thoughts on “Discussion

  1. Francis. It is looking good for he crossing The bits either side look like a challenge though. I will keep contact with the site. Like the photos.Regards TV

  2. Whenever we hear of people attempting the almost impossible our thoughts turn to Francis and his MOTOBOAT. Wishing you every success and safe riding.

  3. Now rings the time for departure, and there you are, leaving towards the rising sun, biking and exploring to the upmost.
    May all my encouragement be with you and I wish you a beautiful human adventure.
    Take care.

  4. Hi Francis
    I have just read your blog entry for 29 May. It sounds like the problems and concerns you were experiencing may have been overcome. Hopefully, your trip will be more relaxing for you now. Just like your first trip, we log on each day to read of your travels. Stay safe

  5. I am really enjoying the story and the pictures. Best wishes in the days and weeks ahead – I will be reading every word with great interest.

    It would be awesome to meet up with you as you travel across the United States!


  6. We’re following you with pride and are glad that you are making the most of every day, every meeting and every new place you visit. Take care, Catherine

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